ActionAid UK — MegaMouth

Vocal superhero from planet Justice tours London in live interactive campaign

ActionAid UK wanted to make a massive noise in the lead up to the G20 ‘Put People First’ Rally.

Enter ‘The MegaMouth’, our caped superhero from planet Justice who toured the streets of London with his giant megaphone drumming up support from the Great British public.

The problem was he had little idea of the issues, so supporters were asked to assist by submitting their slogans through SMS, Twitter and ActionAid UK’s website for the MegaMouth to bellow at the unsuspecting public and politicians.

Throughout the week of activity the general public could also follow The Megamouth’s antics online via a live video stream, and his lycra-clad antics proved to be a massive hit in the press both on and offline.

The Outcome:

The MegaMouth’s shenanigans were covered by a range of websites including The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, Popbitch, and Techcrunch (who even dubbed the activity ‘Protest 2.0’!).

He was also interviewed by BBC London News, ABC News and CNN as he marched the streets of London.